Saturday, July 09, 2011

Handmade Swap Received

I got my gift from the handmade swap earlier this week but finally got around to posting about it.  Here is what I received.

It is a yarn wrapped wreath with really cute flowers/buttons on it.  I love it.  Hopefully Heidi will receive my package soon.



  1. Very sweet!! Swaps can be so much fun, don't you love getting that package?

  2. Now that is smart......and fun!!

  3. Melinda, I am SO sorry to be so late in my gratitude! I've been horribly sick since the beginning on the month and away from my computer most of that time. I absolutely LOVE the bag that you made! The fabric is gorgeous! The selvage chicken is adorable, and my boys had fun putting all of my long pins in him. I had an awful day of being poked and prodded in the ER, and then I came home to your wonderful package, and it just completely made my day - thank you SO SO much! :)


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