Thursday, July 14, 2011

Count Down To Christmas Quilted

I quilted the Count Down to Christmas quilt today.  I have the binding on but still need to do some handwork.  I also worked on quilting the 3D Tree quilt but still have some to finish.  When am I going to learn that I don’t have to quilt every quilt to death.

Off to Southern California in the morning!!!!!!



  1. I love your Christmas quilt and the quilting is great. I, too, was working on a Christmas quilt today, putting the blocks together on a snowman quilt. Tomorrow I hope to get the borders on and then it will be ready to quilt (when a backing is completed). Have fun in CA. Wish I could go with you, my sister lives in Carmel.

  2. LOVE your quilting! Is it freehand or a panto?


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