Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Salt Lake City to Seal Beach in One Day

We left Salt Lake City at 9 am after doing some repacking of the car to fit everything in.  We finally got it all stuffed in the car and headed off.  We had discovered that there is a Roberto’s  in Cedar City which is about four hours from Salt Lake City.  We made a side trip to Joann’s (don’t ask) and found Roberto’s Taco Shop.  Roberto’s is the best taco shop ever.  We first discovered it when I lived in San Diego in the 80’s.  When we go to Las Vegas we always eat at Roberto’s numerous times so you can imagine how excited we were to find one on the way home.

We usually order the same thing every time.  Occasionally we have ordered a different meal but have always been sorry.  Number 11 it is for us.


We got back on the road and headed toward Las Vegas where we planned on spending the night (right down the street from Roberto’s, by the way).  By the time we got to Las Vegas it was only 3 pm.  We didn’t have anything productive to do in Las Vegas – we probably would have gone to the quilt shop and Walmart and spent even more money so we kept on going.

We got gas at the Stateline and headed towards Bishop.  We drove right past the Mad Greek without stopping for a shake – amazing but true.  We did stop in Barstow at Tommy’s and had chili tamales with a side of fries.  I am definitely going to Weight Watchers when I get back to Marietta.

We pulled in front of Robin’s house at 7pm.  We did leave everything but the suitcases in the car for the night and had a glass of wine before watching Dancing With the Stars.  We will unload the car and return it to the rental company this morning.

One last photo – my shoes yesterday.



  1. Stopping in Las Vegas has never been a favorite of mine. I'd much rather just push on and get to my final destination. The food stops sound delicious!

  2. Loved your posts from Market!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Love the shoes, socks and pants. You were a show yourself.


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