Monday, May 16, 2011

Last Day of Quilt Market

We had a great last day of Market – at least until it closed.  Here we are in the booth.

Here is the booth all taken down and ready for us to take outside.

We moved everything out of the convention center out to the street and I waited there while Robin went and got the car.

After packing the car – very quickly so we have to repack this morning to get our suitcases and purchases in, we went to PF Chang’s for dinner.  We rewarded ourselves with this delicious drink – in fact, we had two of them.  After walking back to the hotel, we collapsed and watched the finale of Survivor.

This morning we are getting ready to get back on the road to Seal Beach.  We will plan on spending the night in Las Vegas.



  1. Ooooh, I bet you were tired...that looks like A LOT of work! Safe travels home! Drive carefully!

  2. I bet you two are exhausted

  3. Anonymous12:50 PM

    You two look great!

  4. Wonderful booth!! By the way, come take a look at my socks today!!

  5. Congratulations on a great booth. You ladies look wonderful. I love the quilts.


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