Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the Road to Salt Lake City

I arrived in Los Angeles on time Monday.  The flight was uneventful – the best kind.  Of course it was dinner time when I arrived so we stopped for Mexican food before going to Robin’s house.  I had my favorite carnitas.

0511 El Burrito Jr

After an early evening for me, we got up yesterday and packed the car.  Here are a couple of views of that.

We got going in the late morning.  Of course we didn’t make it out of Orange County before we made our first stop – at In and Out Burger.  After a hamburger and fries, we got on the freeway and started towards Las Vegas.  When we go to Las Vegas, there is a required stop at Baker.  We always stop at the Mad Greek.

0511 Mad Greek

They have lots of food but this is what we always get.

0511 Shakes and Malts

Robin had a malt and I had a shake.  We are a bit boring since they are both vanilla.  We had thought about stopping to eat in Las Vegas at our favorite taco stand – Roberto’s, but we were too full of malts/shakes. 

Our next stop was Walmart in Mesquite.  What is a road trip without at least one stop at Walmart.  I doubt if it is the only time.

We continued on to Cedar City, Utah where we stopped for the night.  Robin likes to stay at the Holiday Inn Express but we couldn’t find one on our IPhones so we planned on staying at the Hampton Inn.  As we got to the correct off-ramp, there was a Holiday Inn Express so here we are.  Since we both like black olive pizzas and are probably the only people in the world who likes them, we called the local pizza place and they delivered to the room.

We have about 230 miles to go to get to Salt Lake City.  We just finished our free breakfast so will be getting ready to get on the road in a few minutes.  Of course, we looked up all the quilt shops just in case we needed to make a non-food stop.



  1. I like black olive pizza! (My husband hates black olives.)

  2. You threw me with the Mad Greek though... What is so special about those shakes? (I was thinking baklava...)

  3. ---I just sent a note to Robin, it's fun to follow you two as I did the same trip last week. Have a GREAT time.

  4. I love Mad Greek! That's the best road-trip food ever! And the fact they are open 24 hours is amazing. Their food is delicious, you are missing out! Have a great trip!

  5. If you ever get the chance, stay at the Big Yellow Inn when you stop in Cedar City. My sister and I LOVE to stay there. The rooms are just gorgeous.

  6. Anonymous11:20 PM

    I love black olive pizza.....and so do 2 of my 4 grandchildren, so now I have to order a larger size ( yea for leftovers! ). Have a great time in Utah.


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