Friday, February 04, 2011

Leaders and Enders

While working on the mystery quilt and other projects, I have been using Bonnie Hunter’s leaders and enders method.  Last month I received 20 packs of 2 1/2 squares of Moda fabric from a giveaway by Minick and Simpson. I have started to put together blocks using the packs.  Each pack has 42 squares so I am making blocks that are 6 x 7.  Here are the first two.

I am working on the third set.  I piece 2 square together until I go through the entire pack, then I sew 2 sets of two together 7 times and lastly add the last set of 2 so that I have 7 rows of 6 blocks.  I then iron and take a few minutes to set the rows together.  They then go up on my second design wall to wait for their friends to join them.


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  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    super funky Melinda. Love it.


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