Thursday, February 24, 2011

Final Classes of Beginning Machine Piecing

Yesterday was the final class of the current Beginning Machine Piecing session.  I was pleased that all of the students were able to get their quilt tops pieced and many of them were able to get the first border on.  I think they all know how to measure for the borders and I am looking forward to seeing each of the quilts when finished.  Unfortunately one of the morning students was unable to attend.  Here are the morning quilts.

Then the evening class put together their tops.

As usual I enjoy seeing all the different interpretations of the same quilt in such a variety of fabrics.



  1. What great quilts. I bet you ave a great time in your class.

  2. Great quilts! I'd love to be a student in your classes!

  3. Tell the ladies for me that I think the all did a wonderful job. They should be proud. Don't you just love how each piece turns out different. For me that is one of the important lessons in quilting is that it doesn't all have to look exactly alike to be beautiful. cw

  4. This looks like a class I would have enjoyed when I was starting quilting.

  5. Melinda, I love the quilt you had them make. Is it your own design? It's a great variety and the blocks are a really nice size. I'd like to use something like it for some beginner friends. That is, some beginning quilter friends, not beginner friends :-)


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