Sunday, October 03, 2010


One of our customers at Tiny Stitches is having severe health issues.  We wanted to do something for her and decided a couple of cheerful pillowcases would be nice.  I got them cut out during the pillowcase class last week and finished them up this morning.

I am not sure if you can tell from the photos but they are both sewing theme fabrics.  Sewing machines and tools on the blue one and the white one has embroidery stitches on it.  I am taking them to the shop today so they can be sent out to the patient.  I hope she likes them.



  1. What a sweet thing to the cases!

  2. What an act of kindness and the perfect gift for someone not feeling well. I'm so sure the pillowcases will cheer her up.

  3. Those pillowcases would make me feel better! Too cute!

  4. That is a phenomenal idea!!! I wonder if hospitals (especially the children's ward or seniors) would take donations of pillowcases for patients?!?! I love that idea!


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