Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Teaching at the Georgia Quilt Show

I will be teaching two classes at the Georgia Quilt Show.  The show starts tomorrow and I have been working on on class samples.  I am taking the place of a teacher who developed the course but is too ill to teach.  While the class is not how I would structure it, it is still a good class.  You can find my teacher profile here.

For some reason I can’t find the link to the class descriptions.  My class is beginning quilters/piecers.  We will be focusing on rotary cutting and sewing a simple nine patch.  The kit they will receive will have enough fabric to make a small lap-sized quilt.

Here are the blocks I made today.

Here are nine blocks.  The other three are in pieces for me to use to demonstrate piecing and pressing.

I am teaching my beginning class tomorrow morning at Tiny Stitches and then going out to Gwinnett for the show.  We will setting up the booth tomorrow afternoon (actually it will be mostly set up by the time I get there).  The show opens on Thursday morning and continues through 6pm on Saturday evening.  My evening class at Tiny Stitches will have Michele as a substitute teacher with Barb assisting.  I am sure they will do fine.

Cheryl will be teaching my purse class on Thursday night and I hope the students behave themselves. :)

Next post will be from Gwinnett, GA.



  1. Sounds like it will be a ton of fun! I am sure your class will be well received too. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Wow, what a long lineup of teachers! Most shows dont jave half that many. BTW, I just got the word that my quilt is receiving one of the special recognition awards~


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