Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oil Cloth Obsession

OK – I confess.  I have become obsessed with oil cloth.  When I was in California this summer I bought 14 half yards of oil cloth.  Have I used any?  Of course not.  However, when had a sale last week, I bought some more.

Since free shipping required a $35 purchase, I had to get enough to qualify.  Not sure exactly how much is here but the largest piece is only one yard so it isn’t as much as it looks – at least I hope it isn’t.

I guess I better get going making something from oil cloth.  I think I will stop by the sewing machine store today and pick up a teflon foot.  It makes it much easier to sew on oil cloth and vinyl.



  1. Beautiful fabrics. I can't wait to see and get inspired from what you make!

  2. So, what can you make with oilcloth? Curious minds want to know.

  3. I found the built in walking foot on the Pfaff does a great job of handling the oil cloth. I bought a Teflon foot for my Bernina but the IDF on the Pfaff worked just as well. The only time I had a problem is when I tried to free motion quilt (adding grommets) but once I put a Teflon sheet on the bed of my machine it behaved.


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