Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Selvage Blog


I am featured on the Selvage Blog again today.  Check it out here.



  1. Love that measuring tape bag!

  2. Proud of you....that is so cool

  3. I love that flower! I keep forgetting to add the selvage blog to my favorites......good for you!

  4. I saw that this morning and wondered if you knew. Very cool.

  5. Hi, I have not long started a blog and joined the Fall into Fall Giveaway and found your blog through that. I'm also a longarm quilter and love to read other longarmer's blogs. Looking at some older posts of yours I was reminded of making icecream with my Mother in an old wooden icecream churn she bought at an antique store, we had two of them and the icecream was delicious but you had to hand churn it!! The bucket was wooden with a metal cylinder which had a metal paddle inside and we would take turns to turn the handle, you certainly earnt your icecream! Cheers,Rowena

  6. Awesome!! Congratulations on being featured AGAIN!!!!


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