Friday, August 22, 2014

One Block Wonder

I am making a One Block Wonder for the shop.  Here is the fabric I am starting with.

0814 Fabric for Quilt

At the Atlanta Modern Quilters Guild sew-in last night I got all the triangles cut.

0814 First Triangles Cut

Now for the fun part – starting to piece the hexagons.  I can’t wait!



  1. uhhh fun, I want to do another one again one day, I just always prewash my fabrics so I have to decide BEFORE if I want to use it for that....and how many yards did you start with?

  2. can't wait to see it evolve! These are one of the funnest quilts to put together I think. Every block is new! :)

  3. That's on my to-do list also. I have the fabric but haven't had the time or energy to get it started. Love the fabric.


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