Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Christina is an Ironman!

My daughter Christina is an Ironman.  She attempted her first one last year at Lake Tahoe and unfortunately missed the bike time cut-off at 90 miles by one minute.  After training all year, they were surprised that the weather at the start was only 32 degrees so basically they froze in the water and especially during the transition to the bike.  She then had a flat tire and had difficulty changing it and it put her behind.  After the intense year of training, it was a big disappointment.  At the end she said she wouldn’t try again but within a week, thanks to her husband and sons encouragement, she signed up for July in Lake Placid.

Here she is at the start of the swim.

0714 Christina at the start

The weather got very bad and because of lightning they pulled all the contestants out of the water during the second half of the swim.  Fortunately they were allowed to go on the the bike.

0714 Christina on her bike

She did great on the bike and moved up in the standings.  After 112 miles, she moved on to the marathon.  Here she is running.

0714 Christina running

She finished at about 14:30 hours – excellent time.

Christina did her first marathon at age 16 and now at 46 years old is an Ironman.  We are all so proud of her.

Go Christina!



  1. Congratulations to Christina!! So much training physical and mental--that's fantastic!!!

  2. Congratulations to her, what an accomplishment !

  3. Awesome accomplishment!


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