Thursday, January 09, 2014

Working on Scrappy Trips Again

In the background, I have been working on the scrappy trips blocks.  I got all 64 of them sewn into two block units and am starting to sew them into four block units.  Once I get that done, I will play with the placement a little and hopefully get it all sewn together soon.  I don’t think it needs a border but it will be easier to quilt if I have something around the outside.  It is be 96 inches with just the blocks.

Here are the stack of blocks sewn into two block units.

0114 Stack of 2 blocks

Here are the first two four-block units.

0114 First of 4 block units

I am really liking how it is turning out. 

It has been too cold to work on the longarm but it should be a lot better today with a high in the 40’s so hopefully I can get down there and work on some customer quilts so that I have time to work on the NYD quilt.  I am excited about quilting it but have to finish up some customer quilts first.

I taught the first classes of beginning machine quilting yesterday but forgot to take photos of their fabrics.  Oh well, next week I will get it done and share all the delightful quilts in progress.


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  1. I just basted my scrappy trips quilt yesterday! Will start quilting on it maybe today..... Although, mine is 7x7 instead of 8x8 like yours. If I had a longarm, I would have made it bigger though, but I try to keep mine under 90x90 so I can quilt it on my sewing machine :) That, and have only 2 widths of backing instead of 3 :)


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