Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Hexie Coaster Tutorial

I have had some requests concerning my hexie coasters.  They are made similar to the four patch coasters that have been popular for quite a while.  Here is my attempt at a tutorial.

I started with a Moda Hexie Precut.  Each of the packs have 40 hexies that measure about 6 inches point to point.  They come with a plastic template to cut more with or you can use any of the many hexagon templates that are out in the market.  40 hexagons make 5 coasters as you need 8 for each coaster.

The first thing I do is separate out 10 of the least exciting hexies for the back and middle of the coasters.

Hexie 1

Be sure to stack them wrong sides together, with the one you want to be the back of the coaster on top.  Then you need to press all the rest of the hexies in half, wrong sides together.  Apparently I didn’t take a photo of the stack of pressed hexies but here is one of them on top of the full hexie.

Start by putting one half hexie on top of the backing hexie.

Hexie 3

Next add a second hexie

Hexie 4

Then a third one

Hexie 5

Here is the fourth one.

Hexie 6

At this point we have covered the backing hexie completely and it now is kind of like folding the top of a cardboard box.  First you lay it on top.

Hexie 7

Next, lift up one little triangle that is showing and tuck the last one under.  Hard to say but look at the photo and remember folding a box top.

Hexie 8

Hexie 9

We now have five hexies on top so we need to add the last one.

Hexie 10

Now you need to lift up two triangles and tuck the last hexie under.

Hexie 11

At this point, I pin it all together.  Now on to sewing.  Stitch all around the outside (about 1/4 inch but don’t worry about it).

Hexie 12

Hexie 13

Next we need to trim the corners.

Hexie 14

Now turn it right side out and press.  Here is a set of 5 coasters from one hexie precut pack.

Hexie 15

Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to clarify.



  1. Melinda I recently found some Hexie pieces that my mother cut out in the 70's. I think they are about this size. I'm going to get them out and hopefully I have enough to make some of these. I may be asking for help once I get going. Thanks for the tutorial and the great suggestion.

  2. Melinda, Thank you so much for your easy to follow tute! This is exactly what I was looking for without having to sew a bunch of small triangles! Instant gratification! Thanks again!

  3. Where can I find the Moda Hexie Precut 6"

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I was looking for one that used 5" charm squares, and think I can adapt this to use my charm squares.


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