Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Christmas Finally Over

My friends and I finally got together for our Christmas dinner last night.  We went to Aspen’s as usual.  We tried to go to a new restaurant that opened in East Cobb but they were closed last night for their own party.  Aspen’s was wonderful and we were able to sit close to the fireplace which felt good on the coldest night in at least 20 years.

Of course, we exchanged gifts.  I will post the ones I received on another day but here is what I made for everyone.

1213 Hexie Club Coasters 

I made a set of hexie coasters for each of my wonderful women friends – more than friends, we are family.  I also made fabric fortune cookies for each but forgot to take photos before I wrapped them up in a fat quarter tied with selvages.

Bill talked me into going out to breakfast this morning – despite the fact that the temperature was only 5 degrees.  Guild was cancelled this morning because the Cobb County schools were closed due to the cold weather.  They decided it was just cold for the children to be waiting outside for the busses.  Remember, this is the South.



  1. Oh what pretty coasters! This is a wonderful gift. As for the weather, here in Ohio lots of schools were closed because of the windchill (almost 30 below) and I've lived in the South -- under 30 above is too cold down there. Stay warm!

  2. pretty coasters, where are you at, I'm in NC and school was 2hr delayed.... wimps ;)

  3. pretty. what size are they?


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