Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow in Atlanta


Here is out the front window yesterday afternoon.

012814 Front Yard

And my poor little car in the driveway.

012814 Car and Driveway

The front bushes with the bottle tree in the background.

012814 Front Bushes

Out the kitchen windows and the deck.

012814 Deck

We are having a horrible time here in the Atlanta area.  The snow started around 10 am yesterday and ended in the early evening.  The interstates were packed from noon on and several schools had to keep the kids overnight.  75 is still blocked and people have been on the road since yesterday.  The Home Depots stayed open as shelters for anyone who could reach them.

My beginning machine piecing classes are cancelled for today and tonight and the store is closed.  Actually, pretty much everything is closed in the whole area.  We are just going to stay home and stay warm.  Hopefully it will get above freezing tomorrow and things will clear up.  We are not used to snow and ice.



  1. Brrrr!!!!! but pretty :-)

  2. It is unusual to see snow there, but the weather has been crazy this year everywhere. Stay warm.

  3. I feel your pain. I live in St. Paul, MN and we are used to the snow. Nothing closes unless we get a foot or more of snow, but Mon and Tues schools were closed due to the extreme cold. With the wind chill the temps were around -45 below zero. They don't want the kids standing at bus stops when flesh freezes in about 5 minutes in those temps. Hope everything gets sorted out soon!

  4. You seem to be having an extraordinary winter. Hopefully everyone is staying snug and warm and quilting...

  5. Atlanta sounds just like South Alabama. We didn't get as much snow: got freezing rain covered by sleet and then snow. All the roads have been closed since yesterday morning and we have hunkered down at home with our puppies.


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