Saturday, February 02, 2013

Madrona Road Challenge

I finished my little quilt today.  I quilted it this afternoon and then finished it by putting on the binding and label this evening.  I think it turned out pretty good – I am pleased.  The guild meeting is tomorrow but I am unable to attend because of working at the shop.  The guild meets on Saturday one month and then on Sunday the next month.  I only attend the Sunday meetings because they are held at Tiny Stitches.

Fortunately for me, Pam comes to the shop on the 1st Saturday for our Saturday Sampler and agreed to take the quilt to the meeting for me.  I feel good that it is ready but I wish I could see all the quilts.



  1. Love your quilting. It really elevated the quilt to something very special.

  2. I agree with Robin. It is a stunning quilt.

  3. I love that little quilt. The quilting you have done on it adds another depth and works brilliantly.

  4. What a cute quilt...

  5. Really cute quilt. Love your overall design, use of colors and fabrics and your beautiful FMQ. Great job.


  6. Beautiful job. Love the quilting.

  7. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Several of my friends are making their Madrona Road challenge. But you have the best that I have seen. Love the new of the circles and the old of the Dresden fan. Terrifric


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