Saturday, February 16, 2013

Getting it Done for February

I thought it was time to check in on my goals for February.  I have made some progress but not enough.  Still have lots to do.

1.  Quilt and bind Easy Street. Done and it is on my bed!

2.  Quilt one quilt for donation. I have identified the quilt I want to do but it isn’t done yet.

3.  Put borders on mystery quilt and finish it by quilting and binding.  Borders on, back made – still needs to be quilted.

4.  Work on scrappy trips to the point of getting at least 36 blocks done. I have been working on these but they got put aside for the shop hop quilts.  Still hope to get this done.

Not too bad.  I think I might be able to finish my list this month.



  1. I think you will get them done!
    Easy Street looks great-not a fan of doing mystery quilts but Bonnie's always are so pretty.

  2. easy street looks GREAT! I JUST got my blacks for the border this week, need to work on it soon!

  3. You are still ahead of me but my Easy Street is on the frame and the quilting has started. I, too, need to get a charity quilt done and have been totally blocked as to what to do with the small center I have made.


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