Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gift from California

Although I live in Georgia, I am really a California girl – through and through.  I was born in Exeter and grew up in Long Beach.  I have lived in Huntington Beach, Torrance, Long Beach, Lakewood, Encinitas, Mountain View and San Jose.  Probably other places that I don’t remember.  I left California in 1990 when I moved to Australia (a whole other story).  California is still home to me.

My daughter lives in San Francisco and look what she sent me for Christmas.

I do love you California even if I now have “Georgia on my Mind”.



  1. Such a wonderful gift. We were just in Long Beach a few weeks ago to board a cruise ship. I have a friend that lived there until recently. Love the beaches of CA.

  2. Oh how darling!! :)

  3. She knows part of your heart is still in Calif. Best wishes for the New Year.

  4. That's a wonderful gift. Good job daughter!

  5. Love the picture Crisy sent you. She did good :-)

  6. Did I miss your Secret Santa Post?? Just wanted to update the link with your thank you post.


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