Thursday, December 06, 2012

Acworth Police and Allatoona Quilters’ Guild

Every year for part of our community service project, we make quilts to give to the Acworth Police Department.  This year, Carolyn introduced two new things to the members.  First she asked for a pledge from each person to make at least one quilt.  She also taught them how to make string quilts.  With these two ideas, we ended up with more quilts than ever before.  There were 108 quilts and the police were delighted.

Eight officers, including the police chief, came to our meeting to accept the quilts and to take them with them.

The police chief (in the center) was gracious and explained how they use the quilts during the year.  When they have to remove a child from a home for any reason, they give them a quilt.  They also share with some other agencies.

You can see the stacks of quilts at their feet.  Carolyn is on the right.

What a feel good day!



  1. What a wonderful thing for your guild to do. I'm sure the police will use each of them to provide much needed comfort to those in need.

  2. this is a great project!! i know you all enjoyed being in the company of these heroes!! keep up the great work!


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