Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Dinner With Friends

We had a wonderful dinner last night.  Good food, drinks and even better friends.

Here are the gifts I made for each of them.  I am showing them in the same order we are seated.  First is Stella’s pillowcases.

She got two of them.  She has a different gift than the others because I already had made her the pillow I gave the rest of the ladies.

Next is Danielle.

The next pillow belongs to Jan.

Fuzzy photo but hers is made from Mama Said Sew and the words are quilt block names.  Next is Lynda’s pillow.

At least the front of this pillow is clear.  Lynda and I have been to many yarn shops together so this was appropriate.

Tomorrow I will post all the wonderful gifts I got from them.



  1. Very special indeed!

  2. Love the pillows you made. I'm sure everyone loved them.

  3. A great way to spend time with friends. What a very nice gift you gave to each. Be sure to read my blog today.

  4. What fun!! And lots of great pillowcases, too!! :)


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