Saturday, December 01, 2012

Christmas Party at Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild

Unfortunately it is today and I will be working all day at Tiny Stitches.  The gift exchange this year is a pin cushion.  I made this one and Pam is taking it and exchanging it for me.

It is wool on cotton.  I bought it as a kit and had a great time making it.  I filled it with fiberfill and walnut shells.  The walnut shells give it some weight.  Here is the back

You can’t see it in the photo but I did sign and date the back.  It is about six inches square.

Here it is wrapped up.

I used a Christmas fat quarter and Moda twill tape.

More parties next week and more gifts to share!



  1. Love the pincushion, and love love love the gift wrap! I wish everyone would wrap my presents that way!

  2. I love the simplicity of is so sweet and pretty!

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