Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shop Hop Quilts

I have been talking about the shop hop quilts and finally took photos on Sunday.  Here they are.  First is the quilt made from the Reunion line.  The pattern is Snap Shot from the book Happy Hour.  We ran out of room to hang the quilts so this one got a ribbon around the top and put up next to a door.  The name of this one is Lakewood High School – 50 years later.

Next is the quilt made from the line called A Stitch in Color.  I made up this pattern.  I call it Color, Color and More Color.

Last is a quilt that I actually made the center of several years ago with my sister in Las Vegas.  After we made it, she developed a pattern called Lattice Patch.  At the Tiny Stitches retreat in October, I put the borders on and finally got it quilted.  It is called Moving Up the Food Pyramid.  Did you know that the second level of the pyramid is fruit and vegetables?  I thought it was the bottom but that is bread, cereal, rice and grains.

Here is the actual Shop Hop quilt.  Each shop designed a basket block and then a quilt made from that block.  Mary designed the block and quilt and I quilted it for her.

Isn’t it cute?

Off to help set up for the retreat that starts tomorrow.


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