Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shop Hop Quilts

I delivered my three quilts to Tiny Stitches yesterday for the shop hop.  Here they are stacked on Bill’s chair right before they left home.

Once I got to the shop, I only took a photo of one of them.  I will get the others while they are hanging.  This one is called Color, Color and More Color.  I still need to write the pattern for it.  Remember that the center of the quilt is a panel, not pieced.  Just the borders are pieced.  I used orange Cuddle on the back and it turned out very cute and warm.

After delivering the quilts, and picking up my quilts from the Bulloch Hall show (thanks to Stella who actually picked them up and brought them to the shop), I came home and quilted the “official” shop hop quilt that Mary made.  I will get photos of that one later in the week also.  I finished it around midnight so had a long day!


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  1. I hope you are sleeping well! It's obviously been a busy week already and I hope you go into shop hop with lots of rest and plenty of strength!


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