Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bulloch Hall Quilt Show

The Bulloch Hall Quilt Show started last Saturday and will run through Sunday.  I thought I would share my quilts that are hanging there.  The first one is Christmas Tree Farm.

0312 Christmas Tree Farm

The second one is It Takes a Village.

0312 It Takes A Village

My friend Danielle was feeling up to an outing so I picked her up and took her to the show with me.  Here is a photo of us – not a good photo but I was taking it with my iPhone.

0312 Me and Danielle

Danielle even felt good enough to go out to lunch so it was a very good day.



  1. I took my 12 year old niece to Bulloch Hall today. She LOVED both your quilts. I knew you'd made the Christmas Tree quilt, but didn't realize you made the Village quilt too. I'll have to tell her.

  2. What a cute Christmas quilt.

  3. I love both of your must be so tickled to see them hanging at the show...and to have an outing with your friend to celebrate...a great day indeed!

  4. So glad to read that your friend Danielle was able to have an outing. Will continue to include her in my prayers!

  5. Thank you so much for being willing to take me to the show even if it meant we left early. I'm glad I was able to make the most of the day! Hopefully it's the sign of things to come. :)

    Your tree quilt is beautiful!

  6. Love both of your quilts. So creative. So clean. So wonderful!


  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE that Christmas Tree quilt and have my fingers crossed that there is a pattern I can buy.... can you tell me anything about that pattern? Thanks so much in advance!


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