Friday, March 02, 2012

Challenge Quilts at East Cobb Quilters’ Guild

At the guild meeting last week, the yearly challenge was revealed.  For this year the challenge was Make It Do!  The rules said that you could not purchase anything for the project.  You could beg, borrow or steal from your friends but nothing new could be bought.

We had 28 quilts shown but I didn’t get photos of all of them.  Here are about 1/2.

0212 Quilt 1

0212 Quilt 2

0212 Quilt 3

0212 Quilt 4

0212 Quilt 5

0212 Quilt 6

0212 Quilt 7

0212 Quilt 8

0212 Quilt 9

0212 Quilt 10

0212 Quilt 11

0212 Quilt 12

0212 Quilt 13

0212 Quilt 14

0212 Quilt 15

It was very inspiring.  For the next year the challenge involves architecture – should be fun!



  1. well done all of you the quilts are fabulous!

  2. I lvoe the flowers that are sewn on and the quilt that has the tree with the leav es. of course all our gorgeous

  3. All of them are wonderful. My favorites are the trees and the Eifle Tower. Is one of them yours?


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