Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Knitting Today

I went to open knitting at Only Ewe and Cotton Too with Lynda this morning.  Had a great time.  Here is the project I am currently working on.

It is just straight knitting but a lot of it.  A few more hours and I will be ready to start on the ruffle.  Lynda and I each bought the pattern at Whole Nine Yarns last year and I have been working on it while watching TV at least some evenings.  I want to continue working on this until finished and then start a pair of socks before deciding on my next knitting project.

After knitting we went to lunch with several very nice ladies – had the biggest slice of pizza ever!  It had artichoke, black olives and mushrooms and it was very good, especially with Diet Coke!


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  1. Fun stuff. I very much want to take up a yarn craft--either knitting or crochet. Or both! Your scarf is coming along wonderfully -- the ruffle will be the fun part, I'm sure. :)


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