Friday, January 27, 2012

Janet Fogg at East Cobb Quilters’ Guild Today

The program at guild was wonderful today.  Our guest speaker was Janet Fogg and her quilts were unbelievably wonderful.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera and my iPhone decided it didn’t want to take photos.  Since I use it frequently I was ready to go buy a 4S (mine is a 4) but after turning it off and on, it started taking photos again so I guess I will wait until the iPhone 5 to come out before upgrading.

Anyway, back to guild.  Since I didn’t get photos here are a couple from Janet’s website.


This quilt was hanging on a stand and is very large.  In fact, most of her quilts are large.  It is totally pieced.  Her quilting is just about the best I have ever seen.  What looks like printed black fabric is just quilting!


I loved this one also.  It is an older grandmothers flower garden that she rescued and added the border to.  She added the borders and then pieced the grandmother separately and appliqued it on.  This is a good photo but the quilt is much better.



  1. Melinda, these were both phenomenal quilts! I love how she takes a rather traditional quilt and makes it sing!! (Or purr, as the case may be!)

    The grandmother's garden quilt is so beautiful, it brought a huge smile to my face and tears to my eyes! I'm going to have to check out her website. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Those quilts are totally wonderful, thanks for showing!


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