Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pizza, Patchwork and Puzzlement

Last night I taught/led a mystery quilt group at Tiny Stitches.  They pay for the class and that includes the fabric for the center of the quilt top, the mystery, me, and dinner.  For a dessert surprise I made brownies – more later on that.

I did the first cut of the fabrics for them.  They got two strips of 5 colors of Halloween fabric plus 10 strips of background.  I packaged them into a cute little Halloween bag and included a miniature pumpkin on the top of each bag.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the kits.  At the last minute a fourth student signed up (actually she thought she had signed up earlier but apparently forgot) so at the last minute I cut one more kit.

While they worked on making lots of half square triangles for the mystery, I called Pizza Hut and ordered Pizza and chicken wings.  Talking to Pizza Hut was kind of like  “who’s on first”.  The Pizza Hut I was talking to is right across the street.  I gave them our address and they said there was no such street (the same street they are on).  I told them to look out of their front window and they could see the shopping center we are in but that didn’t help.  Finally they decided that they knew where Subway was and since we are in the same shopping center, they could probably find us.  About 45 minutes later the phone rang and the delivery guy was outside the other door.  Yea!  The food arrived.

After eating pizza and wings, they got back to work on their quilt tops.

Around 9 pm I fixed the brownies.  First we had a brownie on the plate, then a scoop of vanilla ice cream and lastly a couple of spoons of hot dark chocolate topping.  Yum!  Back to work on the quilt tops again.

While they were working on their quilts, I put together kits for my next shop sample.  Tiny Stitches is turning twenty in 2012 and we are going to feature a Turning Twenty quilt each month.  I signed up for January so need to get going.  Here are the fabrics I am going to use.

Isn’t it going to be bright and beautiful.

At the end of the evening, the group had each made at least one strip for their quilt.  Here they are hanging together on the design wall.

You might notice that the one strip has a different background fabric.  The late student had to have a different background – very similar but different – because I used all of the first one in the original kits. Around midnight, they picked out backing and borders for their quilts – Halloween fabric was 30% off so they all bought enough to finish their quilts.  I ended up getting home about 12:45 am!

Off to the shop again today – only open for 4 hours so it shouldn’t be a difficult day.



  1. Love your fabrics....

    I bet that is a fun class!

  2. Too funny about the Pizza Hut thing! But at least you got the pizza and wings in the end! Brownies sound yummy too. And their zig-zags look fabulous :-) And kudos to you for even thinking about posting after getting home so late and having to be back to the shop today!


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