Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Start of Blooming Nine Patch Quilts

The first class for Blooming Nine Patch was today.  There were only two students but it takes a long time to pick out the fabrics since they need eight fabrics that graduate in either color or value. 

DJ decided that she wanted a red quilt so we started with white/red and ended up with red.  Here are her fabrics.

After she decided on these fabrics, she found an extra-wide to use for the backing.

This will be a stunning quilt when finished.

Helen wanted to start with yellow and bloom into purple.  Here is what she decided to get.

It was difficult to make the transition from the light yellow to the deep purple but the more she worked with these, the better it looked.

Today they cut all the strips necessary for the quilt.  What I provide is the organizational tools to help them keep everything straight.  First they cut strips, then make nine patches and cut larger squares.  I provide labels for baggies and they fill them with what they cut.  We don’t actually sew in class.  The next class is about a month from now and they have plenty of time to make all the nine patches and bring them back ready to lay out the quilt.

I have them buy two large flannel backed tablecloths and sew them together to make a really large one.  At the next class, we will lay out the quilt on the table cloths and they will start sewing it together. 

There were several blooming nine patches in the quilt show last week and that got both DJ and Helen excited about making their own.  I still have my black and white one to complete.  I hope to find time to work on it soon.



  1. Well you go girls...bloom away.


  2. Wonder where mine is? I guess I should look for it and start working on it again. I love the red one and the yellow to purple will be fabulous.

  3. A blooming nine patch is in my quilting future some time...I think it is such a lovely quilt whatever the color combos.

  4. I love Blooming 9 patch quilts although I haven't made one -- I have a feeling the red/white one will be one I'd like.


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