Monday, September 07, 2009

September Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

We had the monthly meeting of the Elm Creek club yesterday and were lucky enough to have Beth’s finished quilt top there to admire.  Beth decided she wanted her quilt a little wider so she made several additional blocks.

She is planning to hand quilt this top.  It is for her daughter and Beth does wonderful hand quilting.  The top is all batik so that will probably be a challenge to hand quilt but she will do a wonderful job based on the other quilts of hers I have seen.

Look at the way she put blocks with white backgrounds in the center of the quilt but used light blue backgrounds for the outside rows.  I hope she brings it to the shop again when she is finished quilting.



  1. Beautiful quilt! I love all of Jennifer's books. This inspires me to begin Sylvia's quilt. I was in Tiny Stitches a few weeks ago. I loved the shop!
    Donna from Alabama

  2. Thanks for Sharing. Lovely meddly of blocks.

  3. This is beautiful and love that she used batiks for this traditional quilt.

  4. Holey Moley...that is wonderful.


  5. What a lot of work... I loved the way Beth used the white in the center, eyes focus toward the white (center) so you can really view. the WHOLE quilt. Just beautiful!!!


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