Friday, September 18, 2009

Quilt Show!

The Quilt Show started today.  We had the preview party last night and it was wonderful.  For the first time, we had the awards ceremony in the theatre next to the Civic Center.  This meant that everyone was able to be seated during the ceremony.  Before it started, Lynda, Deborah and I pinned all the ribbons on the 2nd, 3rd and honorable mention quilts, along with the Judge’s Recognition Awards.  The 1st place blue ribbons, best hand quilting and best machine quilting, plus Best of Show were awarded at the ceremony and then the winners lead the crowd across the plaza and into the Civic Center to open the show.  They  then pinned their ribbons on their quilts.

Best of Show is a beautiful Baltimore Album all hand appliquéd and hand quilted.  It is spectacular!  I didn’t get a photo of it today but will try to remember to take it tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the winner was not at the Preview Party but she did come to the show today.  One of her friends pointed her out – I am not sure she would have said anything to us if it wasn’t for her friend.

I was fortunate enough to get two ribbons, both for my part (quilting) in two person quilts.

Here is the first one – Mary and I won 3rd place in the Medium Two Person Appliqué category.

The second ribbon is for Bodacious by Charlotte and also quilted by me.

Here are my quilts that I entered hanging in the Civic Center.

Kiwi Zinger

Noah’s Ark for Noah

Floral Log Cabin

In addition to my own quilts, there were several other quilts that I have quilted.  I think I got photos of all of them.

This is Jeanette’s

Here is one made in one of my classes by two sisters.

This one belongs to Liza

Here is Lynda’s

And Suzanne’s

Danielle and Lyman’s

and this final one by Marianne and Maetha.

OK – it looks like I had a total of 12 quilts in the show.  The three I personally entered plus nine made by others that I quilted.  I was very happy to see them all hanging.

I spent most of today acting as greeter at the front door of the Civic Center.  It was fun to welcome all the quilters to the show and help them find their way.

I also spent time looking at some of the vendors – that is also fun.

Here is my last photo for the day – it is the view of the show when you first enter the Civic Center.

If you live anywhere near Marietta, Georgia, please come by!



  1. Very nice Melinda. Beautiful quilts.


  2. Thank you for the quilt show pics.
    This is so much fun to view quilt shows from all over. How nice of you to share!!!

  3. BEAUTIFUL QUILTS! Congrats on your ribbons.

  4. Awesome quilts, Melinda. I hope the quilt show is a hugs success.

  5. Melinda, this looks like agreat show. Wish I was there. Your quilts are beautiful!!!!


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