Friday, February 13, 2009

Round Robin Complete

The Fiber Art Fusion group met on Tuesday night and we made the last trade for our Round Robins. The first photo is my round robin as it started its journey to the homes of 11 other mixed media artists. It was very simple with a great fabric fused to Timtex. I had no expectations when it started out but what came home was beyond my imagination.

There were no real rules as this is pretty much a "no rules" group. The starting piece was supposed to be 9 x 12 and a stiff interfacing like Timtex was to be used.

Here is what I received on Tuesday night. Don't you love it. Unfortunately you can't see the texture that is on the piece. There is Angelina up in the left corner that sparkles. The flower in the upper right is 3D. The beige near the bottom is needle punched and the blue seaweed is made of various fibers like ribbon, yarn and dyed cheesecloth. Around the neck of the woman is a lei of silk flowers.

I want to look at it for a few days because I think I want to add more to it but I am not sure what or where.

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