Monday, February 09, 2009

Piecemakers and Ort Jars

The monthly Piecemakers meeting was today and we made Ort Jars. It was so much fun. So what is an ORT? - Odd Remaining Thread! This little item can be put in your sewing bag, or redwork, or embroidery. It is based on a 3 inch embroidery hoop and stands about 5 inches high. It twists open and you can put all those little pieces of thread in it. You know, the ones that are on the arm of your chair or piled up on the end table until you finish sewing for the day and maybe remember to pick them up.

Barbara had made some for Christmas and she taught us how to make it today. I have this wonderful fabric that says Quilt Diva on lime green so that was what I picked to make my first one from.
It was all sewn by hand and was very easy, once we understood the directions. I plan to make more of them.

Here is my ort jar with some friends. Isn't it interesting that we can all start with the same measurements and end up with items that are different sized?

Danielle make the one below. The closed photo isn't very good as far as color goes but the second one is much more accurate.

As I said - these are a lot of fun to make and will be great gifts for other stitchers.


  1. Very cute I want to make some for gifts!

  2. Adorable. Is there a tutorial anywhere?

  3. I'd like to see a tutorial,also. Very cute and very useful!

  4. Melina:
    Several members of our American Sewing Guild neighborhood group saw my ORT that we made at ECQG and want to make one. Could I get your permission to copy your directions and hold a class?
    Barbara Gemmell Email:


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