Sunday, February 22, 2009

Material Girls

Today we had a class of wonderful young ladies today. Their ages were around 10 years old. The theme for the day was Kit Kittredge and they made doll quilts of 1930's fabrics. We had a couple of charm packs that they could choose from and they sewed them together. We had helpers that did the ironing but the girls did all the sewing.

After piecing the top, they layered the backing, batting and top and sewed them together, leaving an opening to turn the quilts. After turning, they used embroidery thread to tie them. I don't think they enjoyed this part but they loved the sewing.

Each of them went home with a completed doll quilt. What fun! They were all quite proud of themselves, as they should be.

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  1. How long has Kitt been "out?" (I am so out of it - is she the new "American Girl?") I ran into her movie while surfing the other day...


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