Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Special Projects Day

We had special projects day. I posted a few photos a couple of days ago of some of the projects so these are just the ones that you haven't already seen. Andrea made gift bags. They are so cute!

This first one was made out of white felt and was a very nice snowman. She used a plate as a template for the head and added a handle.

The next one is a Santa bag. It doesn't have a handle but one could easily be added.

This was my favorite one. It is perfect for a book. It is made like an envelope and decorated with a button and a tassel.

This is a simple bag made like a pillowcase. She added the ties in the side seam so they won't get lost after opening.

Lisa taught a rice pillow that can be heated in the microwave. Here is the rice filled pillow. This is the inside - like a pillow form. It is made from muslin and the rice is sewn in. After making this, you then make a slip cover with a zipper out of fleece. Turned out great.
We also showed how to do simple gift tags and I demonstrated a luggage tag. I want to make several of them as little gifts. They are easy and quick and will be great to make your bag stand out when you travel.

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  1. love the snowman and santa sack bags

    Love and hugs gina xxx


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