Thursday, October 16, 2008

Georgia Quilt Show

Tiny Stitches is at the Georgia Quilt Show. This is being put on by the same people who run the Sewing Expos around the country. They have it here in Georgia in the spring.

One of the quilts that I quilted for Jan is in the show. I was disappointed to see that her name was the only name on it, but she did give credit to the Sharyn Craig for the design and Karen Kay Buckley for the applique inspiration, as well as me as the quilter in the description in the program.

This is the first time that they have had an actual quilt show. We are vending and went last night to see Marianne Fons speak about "Why we Quilt". She is a very good speaker and except for the air conditioning being so cold that we were freezing, we had a great time.

Here is a photo of me, Marianne and Maetha (the owner of Tiny Stitches). We set up the booth yesterday and it is a lot of work. I managed to take a tumble in the parking lot but except for a scrape on the elbow and much damage to my dignity, I am fine.

I forgot to take photos of the booth but will do that today before the customers come in. The Quilt Show is in Gwinett County, about 35 miles from home but because of the long days, we are staying out here at a hotel. The show is open for three days and we will take everything down on Saturday night.

This is a great quilt that was shown during Marianne's presentation last night. It will be in the next issue of the magazine. Great quilt!

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  1. I love this quilt, the colours are so nice,


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