Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jacket and Flannel Quilt

I have been busy making a quilt and jacket for the local quilt shop - Tiny Stitches http://tinystitches.com/. The above is from a pattern by my sister. Her website is http://twowackywomen.com/. The name of the pattern is Wacky Devine Nine and it is a "stack and slash" type of quilt. The center of the quilt is made from 9 fat quarters that are made into nine 9-patches. The quilt is made from flannel and is backed with the same flannel that is the inner border. I quilted it with an overall feather swirl that worked well with the flannel.

We had been talking about making a neutral colored quilt for quite a while and this is the result. I quilted it yesterday and then went to my weekly quilt guild sew-in today and finished the hand work on the binding.

Right before the quilt, I made this jacket, also for Tiny Stitches. We had several colors of chenille - this one is bright pink. I used two different coordinating fabrics for the lining. A larger floral is used for the body of the jacket and I quilted it from the lining side. I wound size 8 perle cotton on the bobbin and then quilted around the floral pattern on the fabric using 4 differenct colors. This was done around the front and back of the jacket, about 4 inches from the bottom. The quilting is approximately 10-12 inches high.

The sleeves are lined with the coordinating print in a much smaller scale. It has raw edges that I clipped every 1/4 inch. After it was completed, I washed and dryed it, creating an enormous amount of lint. I covered a large button with the small scale fabric to complete the jacket.

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