Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Update from Melinda

I am back!  It has been a busy two weeks and I just didn’t seem to get around to updating the blog.  I finished teaching my two long-term classes (Beginning Machine Piecing and Sampler Savvy), went for an early Thanksgiving to Missouri (about 650 miles), went to a couple of Christmas parties and took a lot of photos.

First, here are the photos from the last Sampler Savvy class.

1114 Quilt 1

1114 Quilt 2

1114 Quilt 3

1214 Rhona's Quilt

There was one more student but she was still working on her blocks so no finished quilt photos yet.  The next morning after the class we took off for Missouri.  On the way, we stopped in Paducah at

1114 paperpieces

Fun – they are open to the public but you have to ring the bell and they happily let you in.  I made a few purchases – of course. and off we went towards Missouri.  We stopped in Marion, IL for the night and then finished up driving to Fulton, MO.  Visited with Bill’s family for a while and then went to the hotel.  Met them in town for dinner and on Saturday we had Thanksgiving dinner with over 50 family members.

Here are a few photos of Bill and his family.  First is with his mother.

1114 Bill and Mom

Brother Tracy

1114 Bill and Tracy

Step-father Burt

1114 Burt

Sister Debbie

1114 Debbie

Sister Kim

1114 Kim

Lots of good food, lots of time to to visit with family – great fun!

We stayed and visited with his mother again on Sunday and then left for home early Monday morning.  I drove all the way home on Monday since it seems to be foolish to stop when we were most of the way home.  There truly is nothing like home!  We even stopped at our local O’Charleys for dinner.

More to follow.


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