Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Beginning Machine Piecing–Final Class

Monday night was the final class for Beginning Machine Piecing.  We had seven students who completed or almost completed their quilt tops.  Here they are with their tops.

1114 Quilt 1

1114 Quilt 2

1114 Quilt 3

1114 Quilt 4

1114 Quilt 5

1114 Quilt 6

1114 Quilt 7

We had a little party and Wanda made this cake.

1114 Wanda's cake

Isn’t it amazing – plus it tasted great.

I made little pin cushions for each of them.

1114 Pin Cushions

I am proud of each of them.



  1. They all look pretty proud of themselves, too ... and that cake is fabulous!

  2. Wow that cake is fabulous. I love all their quilts. They did a great job. Congratulations new quilters.

  3. you must be a good teacher as they look great...................nice pincushions too..........

  4. How different each one is! Such fun.


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