Friday, November 07, 2014

Classes This Week

Sorry I have been missing this week.  Tiny Stitches moved and things have been very hectic, to say the least.  Even though we only moved to the end of the parking lot, 8000 bolts of fabric is still 8000 bolts of fabric, not to mention thread, patterns, notions and lots of other “stuff”.

Anyway, I taught three classes this week in the new magnificent classroom.

First was Beginning Machine Piecing – Class 6

1114 Beginning Class Six 

On Tuesday we had a Magical Slice and Dice class with two students.

1114 Marti's Blocks

1114 Rhona's blocks

Then on Wednesday night we had the sixth Sampler Savvy class.

1114 Class 6

Lots of fun in the classes and lots of hard work in the store – or should I say stores.



  1. I stopped by today and the new store looks nice. Hard to believe you all did so much in so little time. The ladies in QTYW were thrilled with their new space and the space for the design walls. Hope you can get some rest soon!

  2. I am interested in your "Slice and Dice" blocks. I saw a similar quilt made from William Morris fabrics which was fabulous. How much of a repeat do you need to buy when choosing fabrics? We have had a quilt shop in Virginia Beach expand their shop by 100% and it has been a huge effort - workmen hammering, sawing etc. Will be great when the dust and paint settle.


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