Sunday, October 05, 2014

Special Projects at Callaway Retreat

One of the features of our retreats is special small projects.  Everyone seems to like them a lot and it is fun to take home at least a couple of finished projects.

The first one we made was a Pumpkin Mug Rug – Mary put the pattern and kits together and many of them were finished.  She also taught this project.

Next I showed them how to make a Halloween hexagon coaster.  I cut 7 hexagons for each person and almost everyone make their coaster.

Last was a project bag with a vinyl front.  I learned to make it in Las Vegas this summer but rewrote the directions to make it a little more easy to follow.  Last night we had everyone quilt the fabric and then we finished making this this morning.  Many people decided to put the binding on at home but several managed to finish the whole bag.

I got a photo of Daryl’s projects.  She put the mug rug and coaster in the project bag.  Here they are.

1014 Project Bag, Mug Rug, Coaster

Fun, fun, fun!


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  1. Darling projects Melinda, sounds like a fun thing to do at a retreat! Love seeing them!


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