Thursday, February 20, 2014

I am Back

I know I disappeared and haven’t posted for quite a while and am sorry if you were concerned about me – although I do appreciate the caring that has been expressed.  My husband has been ill for the past two months and we have spent the last two weeks on tests and doctor’s appointments.  We now think we know what is wrong and that it is something that may take a while to improve, but it should improve.  I hope to get back to real life now.

Let’s start with Hexie Club.  We had a meeting on Tuesday night.  We have decided to do Julia’s BOM so here are our January blocks.

0214 January Blocks                  

Mine has the green/yellow background.  Michele as a white background, Karen has blue.  Look up in the corner of Karen’s block – you will see Rosemarie's 1/4 inch snowflake.  I think the one on the bottom left belongs to Carolyn but it might be Susan’s.

Next are the Valentine/February blocks.

0214 February Blocks       

Rosemarie's little heart is up in the corner of my heart.

I finished the applique on the heart and have started the Snowflake – lots of applique on that one.  I am using little tiny applique pins and they make a lot of difference.  I starched the applique – a lot of starch and then took the papers out.  At that point I starched the back also.  It was easy to hand applique.  Michele is machine appliqueing hers and that looks great also.  It is fun to see how different each of our blocks are.  Can’t wait to see March – we are guessing a shamrock!

If you are interesting in joining the BOM, all the information is at The Hexie Blog.



  1. So impressed with your group!!!! Great work, everyone!

  2. I hope all things are now well with the family, and i hate to put added pressure on you. But, i put together the winners of the GYB party. We had 600 blog sites and 113 give a ways. and i see you had a give a way. but, i didn't see the posting as of yet. My apologies for interrupting your day. Plus, I am sorry for when i put this together i didn't realize how many people will use it as a resource. So, if possible could i have your winner name. or if you don't want it public. just request this too. thank you and hope to hear from you soon

  3. Great hexies -- very creative. Hope your husband's health improves quickly. Having a family member who is ill is hard on everyone -- hugs!


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