Thursday, February 20, 2014

Grow Your Blog Winner

While I was gone on my blog break, the deadline for choosing my winner was the 15th.  It is now the 20th and I am finally getting around to it.  Sorry for being late but the random number generator selected number 24.

Vicki H10:44 AM

My first quilt was in 1992 and a Log Cabin done in greens. I attended a class at the local Wal Mart taught by the fabric department manager. It was my first introduction to rotary cutting, quarter inch seams and a whole lot more. I hand quilted it and it currently resides on the bed in the spare bedroom.

I am sending her a message so she can send me her address.  This is what I am sending her.

0214 Grow Your Blog

I have been hoarding Authentic fabric but finally made a quilt top from it – my Swoon quilt.  It still needs a couple of borders on it but I will get it done sometime soon.  I hope Vicki enjoys this charm pack and five fat quarters.



  1. Congrats to Vicki : )
    So glad you have a diagnosis to work from now, the imagination can so often make things far worse than they really are. Fingers crossed hubby can get on the path to recovery now you have a plan to work to. It will be a relief for both of you Im sure now you know whats afoot.

    Fabulous hexi block results from you all there!
    I filled in my snowflake pattern and now wish I hadnt,also gave it a contrast centre, but have replaced that now.
    Then I know not how, I managed to make a completley different heart shape lol duhh should have taken a print copy of the design to look at before stitching obviously lol
    I will complete this heart but am going to have to make myself fresh snowflake and heart now, since I prefer the intended colour designs now Ive seen them made up lol
    Seems I will be making a two covers in tandem!

  2. Please forgive me for my interrupting you day, but working on a GYB party winner list see @ and I was unable to find your winner name to post this years . We are waiting for the big announcement to be able to post the Grand winner of your beautiful give a way.


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