Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Quilt

First – I did not make this quilt.  It was made by my friend Mary and is a shop sample at Tiny Stitches.  I love this quilt!

It was a BOM a year or so ago and there are complete kits available.  There are also kits with just the patterns and extras like buttons.  I decided to get one of these and hope to eventually make this quilt in much brighter fabrics.  Not any time soon but some day.

I spent 15-20 minutes yesterday cutting up scraps for my containers and am headed up to do it again today.  Eventually I might get everything under control.  Wish me luck!




  1. I so love this quilt! my in almost done. kust the candy corn and bats borders to do!!! so close..... you have inspired me to get it out again!!!

  2. Love the Halloween quilt. I admire your organization of your scraps. I try to keep mine organized but sometimes they just decide to "take over" the studio.


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