Saturday, October 12, 2013


Thought I would post a photo of our wonderful little Chihuahua.  Her name is Chula and she is probably 16 years old.  She joined our family almost 14 years ago and the Vet thought she was somewhere around 2 at the time.

She is starting to show her age but we love her.



  1. Good Morning sweet Chula.

  2. We have Buffy, a Shih Tzu who is 15: we also got her when she was about 2. She is almost blind and much slower but still loving. She is DH's dog and when he left for the weekend he was afraid she wouldn't be here when he got back. I am taking very good care of her.

  3. Beautiful baby, Chula! Lu-Lu Luna (of chihuahua "heritage") is our baby. She is only two, but we hope she lives with us as long as Chula has lived with you. We have had 3 cats that have lived to be almost 20, so we are pampering Lu-Lu so that she will too. Thanks for sharing Chula with us!


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