Friday, October 18, 2013

Customer Quilt–Simply Quilts Quilt

This quilt is one of the most fun I have quilted.  Rhona made it in a class several years ago and spent much time taking the papers off.  It is beautiful.

Here are a couple of close-up photos of my quilting.

Do you remember Simply Quilts on HGTV.  A version of this quilt was on the opening shots of the show.   I love this quilt!



  1. My friend Pat Barton made one of these quilts. I think she took a class at Road to California from the designer, Bonnie Browning? Maybe? It's a lovely quilt and your quilting is fantastic.

  2. her color choices and your quilting makes it look like those middle pieces are colored in. Does that make sense to you? I absolutely love this quilt

  3. As I remember the design was done by Bonnie Browning. I've seen it at several quilt shows and it's one of my favorite designs. Oh, if I could only conquer paper piecing... Very nice quilting too Melinda.


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