Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kids and Zippers

Kids and zippers seem like an unusual combination.  On Sunday, we had seven girls in the shop eager to make a zipper bag.  Here are the samples I made to show them.

They did a wonderful job.  I had cut the screen and the strip of fabric to use for decoration.  We had a whole selection of zippers and they each chose their favorite color.

Here they are with the finished bags.

0812 Creative Kids and Zipper Bags

The girl in the back row on the left had never sewn on a sewing machine and turned out she loved it.  The rest of the group has sewn with us before.  Several of them are signed up for the Kid’s Block of the Month.

It is really fun to see young people get interesting in sewing/quilting.



  1. I love the picture of the girls with their zippered bags. They all look so pleased with themselves and they should be. This is such a perfect beginner project and introduction into sewing. I bet Emilio could learn to make these.

  2. How wonderful Melinda. Just look at all those happy faces! Perfect project.

  3. I love this. Start 'em early and they're hooked for life. I also love the project.

  4. What a fun group....great job on the bags.

  5. Well will you look at how happy they look!! What a great feeling when you make something useful. Nice job inspiring those youngsters :)


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