Friday, July 10, 2009

Update on Family in California

Yesterday I took my kids and their kids to the airport to go to San Francisco where they are all going to the Russian River for next week.  Christina (my daughter) is doing a triathlon tomorrow and then they head up to the rented house.

0709 Emilio, Hanna and Noah

It was hard to get a photo of all three of them looking towards the camera.  I like this one anyway.

0709 Emilio and Noah

Noah is one month older than Emilio.  Big difference in size though.

0709 Noah and Emilio

They talk on the phone occasionally and are best of friends.  Sometimes Noah doesn’t want to speak English but Emilio gets him talking.

0709 Joe and Christina

These are my two.  Christina lives in San Francisco and is Emilio’s mother.  Joe lives in Sweden and Hanna and Noah belong to him.

This is the first time we have all been together in two years, since we took a cruise to Mexico.



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  1. Those kids are are so blessed. I love reading about your family!



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